a year down

I survived. I did it. 1/6 cumes passed. 4/6 classes done. 3.25 GPA. One paper getting ready for publication. Many new friends made. 1/5 years completed.

This year has been hard, really hard. Who knew grad school could kick your ass so many times? But then again, who knew I’d get up and ask for another punch? When you think you are finally getting the ground under your feet, grad school comes by and trips you, literally and figuratively. I’m happy to see the one year go by, mostly because it means there are only four to go until you all have to call me Doctor!


a little advice

Don’t re-date an ex-boyfriend. Most likely they are still a jerk. Most likely they still don’t care. Most likely they are probably just using you. Most likely they will hurt you again. Most likely you’ll be pissed that you did this to your self.

So just don’t do it because most likely disappears and he is still a jerk, who doesn’t care, who is using you, will hurt you again and then you’re left pissed off at yourself for caring again.

This is mostly to myself, seeing how for some people this works out (I’m thinking of one case, which makes me happy).

a family sunday

I have an awesome family. It’s quite large, over 30 of us that are directly related to each other, and all wonderful. And I’ve always loved coming from a big family, but it really hit me how much this weekend.

One of my aunts sent out a message Saturday evening to the family saying that my grandmother was feeling a little depressed and lonely, and that she could probably use a visit. In response to this, 4 aunts, 2 uncles, 7 cousins and one girlfriend of a cousin showed up Sunday. We had shepherd’s pie, biscuits and apple pie, all made by my lovely aunt. We chatted around the kitchen table, laughed at the thought of a one legged shoe thief and caught up on the going’s ons. It’s events like these that make me realize that I’ve got a stronger support system than most people out there. All I have to do is say I need something, and there are instantly 30+ people willing to do it at a moments notice. It’s an awesome feeling, and one of the big reasons why I wanted to move to back to Philadelphia last year. I think I’m going to try and make Sunday dinner more often.

a tiring weekend

Aren’t weekends supposed to rejuvenating from a long work week? But for some reason I always try to cram in so much fun, that I forget about that worthwhile feeling of sleeping. This weekend I think I got 8 hours of sleep total, which is by no means enough. I enjoyed my whole weekend. Lots of fun times with friends and a special person, but it was way to short. I could use one more day to do the relaxing portion that I seemed to have missed. I think for the future I should plan one big night and then spend the rest of the weekend really calming myself down. I’ve gotta a feeling if I keep up with this pace and grad school, I won’t even make it to the summer.


But if it doesn’t happen, I’m only 23 once, right?

a fresh semester

A brand new semester begins tomorrow. I have mixed emotions going into it. I’ve really enjoyed a month-long paid vacation, I mean who wouldn’t but a regular schedule will be good to have again.

The thing I’m most excited about it my teaching schedule. I have two courses, one at 12 and one at 4, both on Tuesdays. So I’ll get all of my teaching done in one afternoon. The second best thing, I only have 23 students, total!! That’s just amazing. Last semester I had 23 in one class. The third best thing, my 4pm class has nine students, three of which I had last semester, in the same class. All three were very good students, always prepared and ready to work hard. I’m quite excited they’ll be back. Especially, since they know how I operate and what I expect. This alone is making me excited about the semester and to get started.

a city celebration

New Year’s Eve. I feel like this holiday has such a build up. You are required to have a good time. You are required to have good stories. You are required to kiss someone. You must have fun.

This year, it all (almost) came true. My friend Dave hosted a small get together at his apartment, and it was perfect. We got dressed up and wore little dresses and high heels. My best friends from college were there, many I only see once every few months and one I haven’t seen since graduation. We had food and chatted and caught up. We made fun drinks and shots and clinked our glasses to being friends. At midnight we went out on the roof deck and watched the Philadelphia fireworks. We popped bottles of champagne and clinked more glasses. We all crammed into his bed and remembered the fun times and talked about those to come. We then hailed a cab across town and went to bed.

This New Year’s eve lived up to all the expectations and the lack of kiss wasn’t even noticed, because it was so much fun. It was an adult New Year’s. A New Year’s that made me happy to live in the city.

an old resolution

As the year 2010 closes I can look back at many happy, sad, exciting, anxious and other emotional memories. It’s been a good year. There are a lot of things I’m proud of, some not so proud moments but overall a good year. One of the things I’m most proud of is keeping my new years resolution, for the entire year. I’ve never accomplished this feat. Generally, I think that new years resolutions are lame and if your looking to improve yourself, you can do it at anytime of the year, which is something I try to do. Last year, however, I had an improvement I wanted to make, and it happened to be right around new years. So, I made it a new years resolution. I decided to become a vegetarian.

I’m happy to report that I’ve kept this resolution. Here and there I’ve had meat, a special event or as a reward for a really hard test, but out of 365 I think I’ve had meat maybe 20 days. It’s amazing to think that something I never thought I could live without is now something I don’t really eat at all. What is even crazier is that I don’t really even think about it anymore. On most days, meat doesn’t even enter my brain. The only time I think about it or miss it is when I’m with family. (Or when someone is eating bacon, but hey bacon is delicious!)

So here’s to a successful resolution, and a successful year. Next year will be just as great, I can feel it. Being an optimistic person really is so nice. I can look to the next year and think, “This is going to be great” and have no doubt in my mind that it won’t be anything but awesome.


Happy New Year!! Welcome 2011!